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"Hey, I absolutely love this site. Instantly pulled me out of my four month writer's block"
Sarah, Canada

"I love SongPad! You guys have made exactly the thing I'd been looking for. Thank you!"
Tom, USA

"A friend recommended I try out SongPad. I’m finding it so easy to use, especially finding rhymes"
Lily, USA

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Get started easily

Designed for both new and experienced songwriters SongPad's Outline tool helps you turn your ideas into a song structure allowing you to easily get started with lyric writing.

Streamline your writing with our Powerful lyric editor 

With built in tools to find the perfect (and near perfect) rhyme, synonym or antonym, count syllables and add chords, our lyric editor makes the process of songwriting simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

Write songs online together

Share your song with a cowriter collaborate in on lyrics and chords in real time to make amazing songs together.

Keep all your songs safe

No more lost songs and multiple ways to capture lyrics. SongPad securely organises your songs in the cloud giving you access anytime and anywhere.  With SongPad’s sound recorder you can capture musical ideas and add them to your lyrics, even when you're on the move.

SongPad Plus+

Take your songwriting to the next level with SongPad Plus powered by AI


Get unstuck with Lyric Helper

No more writer's block! SongPad’s Lyric Helper uses AI generated lyric suggestions to spark new ideas and take your lyrics in new directions. Lyric Helper gives you a powerful helping hand to give you additional creative inspiration.

Instant feedback with Song Reviews

Make your song the best it can be with lightning-fast AI reviews in under 5 minutes Receive instant feedback on your song structure, rhymes, and metaphors
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Songwriter Showcase

Songwriters of all ages and abilities are using SongPad to help them create amazing songs. We'd like to introduce you to some of the talented writers in our songwriting community. 

Erik Gaines

"I love using SongPad because it’s simple, it’s easy. Constantly seeing the syllable count is fantastic. Having the rhymes, synonyms, antonyms right there on the side is fantastic too."

John Shermenti

"I write all of my songs using SongPad, I find the rhyming tools and ‘Lyric Helper’ very helpful. SongPad is helping me make some awesome songs. I’d be lost without it"


At SongPad we want to provide a better songwriting tool for everyone that’s why we’ll always keep the core features free!



Everything you need to get started writing amazing songs
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Unlimited recordings
Lyric Helper
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Advanced features for serious songwriters
Unlimited Songs
Outlines & notes
Rhymes & word tools
Lyric hints
Unlimited recordings
Lyric Helper
unlimited songs
5 songs
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* Feedback feature coming in June 2023

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