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We know that excellent songwriting comes from inspiration, drive and focus. There are many resources that we all need to help us make our best possible songs. SongPad is designed to aid your lyric writing experience by providing you with all the key resources in one place and even helps with writer's block!

We have lots of exciting plans for SongPad including Community, Copyright and Collaboration features.

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Your songs in one place

No more lost songs and multiple ways to capture song lyrics. Songpad securely organises your songs online meaning they are accessible to you anytime and anywhere, even on the beach.

Powerful lyrics editor

We know that songwriting requires a set of supporting resources to help us write that perfect song from refining the Outline, finding Rhymes, checking Synonyms and more! Songpad brings all these resources together in a simple but powerful lyrics editor.

Intelligent lyric hints

In life it’s always useful to get that helping hand based on best practice and experience. Songpad’s Lyric hint automatically checks your lyrics and provides recommendations based on best practice songwriting theory and creative language.

Sound recordings

Songpad has a simple sound recorder so that you can capture those moments of creative inspiration and add them to your lyrics, even when you're on the move.

Artificial intelligence

No more writer's block! Songpad uses AI generated lyric suggestions to spark new ideas and take your lyrics in new directions. Sure, some of the lines generated are slightly strange but we believe it’s a powerful helping hand to give you additional creative inspiration.

Exciting features coming soon

Community, Copyright and Collaboration features are currently being worked on by our team.


Free! At SongPad we want to provide a better songwriting tool for everyone that’s why we’ll always keep the core features free!

We’ll only start charging in the future for premium features which are yet to be released.

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